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Why It Is Better To Simplify

Even in those times of frantic pacing and harried lifestyles, you know that you always have the choice to simplify and do less. It is the solution to almost every aspect of our lives.

To simplify is the answer to your financial difficulties: Shop less and spend less. Don’t try to spend more than what you actually earn. Cut back on your bills and decrease your debt. Rather than trying to handle all your bills and expenses, try to simplify. If necessary, have fewer credit cards, of get rid of your credit card if you have to. Eliminate your financial problems so that you Continue reading Why It Is Better To Simplify

Learn How To Be Funny By MandyLane

Now this may sound silly to some people, but you can actually learn how to be funny. Like any desirable trait, with a bit of practice you can achieve what you want. One thing you will notice is that people with a good sense of humour tend to be more social. It makes sense really, if somebody makes you laugh, your going to want to laugh more. If your at a party, their is always that person who is the life and sole of the night, most of the time it’s because their funny.
Like any desirable trait, you can’t just learn it overnight, it’s going to take practice. Even if your extremely boring, if you want it enough you can become that funny person everybody loves. The secret is really simple, practice makes perfect. When your out and about with your mates, say a funny joke, it doesn’t matter if it’s not funny. Your trying to build up a barrier, so that no matter what reaction you get, you wont be fazed by it. The truth is, everybody has that funny side to them, but most people are scared of the reaction.
If you hear or see something on the television that’s funny, express it in a way so you feel comfortable. The worst thing is telling a joke/story when you feel uncomfortable, people can see right through this. It may sound like a hard task at first, but you learn to relax over time. Anything can be achieved if you really put your mind to it.
As I said earlier, people love to hang out with a funny person. It literally changes your social life.. I know this might sound fake and ‘pretending to be sombody else’ but it’s about finding that natural funny side of you. The more you practice, the quicker it will come. Just keep making jokes everyday, say things which you find funny. You don’t have to be scared to say what’s on your mind, just say it. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like what you have to say, remember your building a wall.
I know that some people may think this is impossible, and that every funny person out there is ‘naturally funny’ but I promise you it’s not the case. Think about stand up comedians, they practice on their craft every day, it is possible. My personal reason for writing this article was because I used to suffer from social anxiety.
It’s a fairly common problem, especially in teenagers nowadays. It basically means feeling uncomfortable around other people, occasional panic attacks. I wanted to overcome it and I tried my hardest become better socially. Being funny is the key because it helps every single aspect. If you feel uncomfortable you can just crack up a joke which really helps with your confidence


Want to Be Better at Public Speaking? Stop Trying to be Perfect! by changethats

Do you want to be better at speaking in front of an audience? Here’s a simple tip: stop trying to be perfect! That’s the advice of public speaking expert Seymour Segnit.

Segnit, a well-known life coach who helps people overcome their fear of public speaking, says that many people inadvertently sabotage their speeches by setting too high a standard for themselves. In the process, they set themselves up for failure. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to be at your best, Segnit says, But don’t obsess about it.

He is concerned about the cycle of negative thought that develops for people preparing to give a speech. As it is, most people are deeply afraid of speaking in front of a crowd, he says. If they expect their speech to be flawless, they are likely to experience panic when they make some minor gaffe. Of course you’re going to make a mistake! Segnit says, You aren’t perfect! No one is.
Some of the best public speakers of our generation – including Tony Robins and Barak Obama – make speaking mistakes and trip over their words. But they don’t get flustered by these minor gaffes. They simply move on, or they brush it off with a little humor.

Advice? Just be as good as you can and enjoy the ride!

Segnit, whose company CTRN helps people overcome the fear of public speaking, has created a series of video lessons on dealing with speaking anxiety.
“There are lots of great resources out there about public speaking,” he says, “But very few of them deal with the psychological aspects of giving a speech, and that’s what most people are really struggling with.” Among his lessons, he encourages people to visualize a success scenario for the day of their speech.

“Most people dread giving a talk,” he says, “So they wake up in the morning thinking, Oh no! I have to give my speech today. I just know it’s going to go badly.”
But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of envisioning a bad result, why not envision a successful speech that you feel great about?
“Why not?” asks Segnit. “The dread you feel is just a made up result for something that hasn’t happened yet. Why not make up a good result instead?”

He encourages people to imagine their entire day up to the point where they finish their speech. “Imagine waking up and looking forward to your speech. Imagine it in detail, and imagine it as if you were experiencing it through your own eyes,” he says, “That’s very important.”
But doesn’t a success scenario mean you are trying to give a perfect speech? Segnit sees no contradiction.
“Successful speeches aren’t perfect, and neither are successful speakers,” he says. “But successful speakers don’t undermine themselves with negativity.”


A Guide To Becoming A Motivational Speaker by Jeremy Winters

The gift of speech helps make humans superior to other species of animals. However, this gift can be put to better use than just expressing a person’s thoughts and feelings, as done by most of the best motivational speakers all over the world. If you feel that you are an effective speaker and can also inspire other people to be the best they can be given their natural skill set, you may think about entering the career of a motivational speaker.
One of the prerequisites of this line of work is that you need to have the ability to inspire a positive attitude in your audience by your speech. Even if you possess this skill innately, it’s highly advised for you to refine it by learning from the best in this field. You can get quite a few valuable pointers through watching videos or going to the seminars of a few renowned speakers.
The effect that their speech makes is really as much due to what they say as it is about their style of communication – both the physical and visual. Additionally, the energy that they infuse in their speech provides an uplifting impact on the audience who pay much more than just a few bucks to get a feeling of direction in their life, set new goals for themselves and be fired up with inspiration to attain these goals.
The very best part about the work of a motivational speaker is the fact that the individual is their very own boss and can make very good money even while additionally earning the respect and admiration of their audience. With good guidance and frequent practice, you could quickly become a name to be reckoned with in this field and receive quite a few offers for public speaking.

As long as you’re a “people” person and can adapt your speech to make a connection with your audience, there really should be no lack of offers for you to speak in schools, colleges, business organizations, conventions, workshops and open forums. You do not need to use flowery language in order to get your message across to your audience. Actually, some simple words voiced in a direct and thought-provoking way will do the trick and obtain the desired results.
While there’s no particular training course you should take in order to develop into an effective speaker, it is vital for you to work on your voice so that it will not falter in the middle of a speech. Also, the sound quality should not be draining in any respect or else it will not appeal to the audience and you won’t be able to get their attention. (