What Language Is Your Body Speaking Today?

Did you know that every time you take a stage in order to deliver a speech, there are really two speakers standing up there? Yes, of course, you are one of them. You understand the importance of public speaking and have a speech that you’ve prepared, practiced, and are just about ready to share with your audience. However, it turns out that your body has its own speech that it is just about ready to deliver to your audience also. Where things can get interesting is when your body’s speech is different from the one that you were planning on giving. Continue reading What Language Is Your Body Speaking Today?

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How to Gesture – AKA: What Do I Do With My Hands? By Pamela Hart 

Gestures, and especially hand movements, are important because they help orchestrate the language comprehension centers of your brain. In fact, your brain needs to integrate both the sounds and body movements of the person who is speaking in order to accurately perceive what is meant. If your words and gestures are in-congruent, it will create confusion in the listener’s brain and you will be less believable. Our suggestion: practice speaking in front of a mirror, consciously using your hands to “describe” the words you are speaking. Continue reading How to Gesture – AKA: What Do I Do With My Hands? By Pamela Hart 

10 Myths of Presentation and Public Speaking By Alison Kemp



  1. I’m better off winging it – The problem with improvisation is that it’s terribly haphazard! You’ll need some landmarks to stop you going off track. A mind map can help to plan points without scripting.
  2. I need to write out my full speech before I speak – Do you? What a hassle! A script can take longer to write than notes and is much more difficult to edit. Even more importantly, we don’t speak as we write: the language may be different and sentences are usually shorter.
  3. … and then memorise it – Hence the cause of crippling nerves and blanking out! Make life easy on yourself: remember where you’re going and where you’ve been and you’ll find it easier to know where you are now without having to memorise anything. Continue reading 10 Myths of Presentation and Public Speaking By Alison Kemp

Learn To Speak Like Your Audience

You can attend all of the fancy speaking classes that you want, but there is a very good chance that they are not going to teach you what you really need to know. The reason that they won’t is because despite the importance of public speaking, they don’t know what you are really looking for. However, I do. What you want most as a pubic speaker is for your next audience to fall in love with you. To treasure your every word. To not only understand what you are saying, but also to come to believe what you are saying. In order to make this happen, you need to become more like your audience.

Learn How To Listen

Continue reading Learn To Speak Like Your Audience

The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Speaking


Whenever you speak in public, you want to make a good impression, communicate your message effectively, and make the best use of everyone’s time. While I often talk about the dos, here are a few of the don’ts to remember when giving your speech. Commit these deadly sins at your own risk when you speak in public.

Sin #1: Lack of preparation 

Some people are born with the gift of the gab, and sometimes they get cocky and think that   Continue reading The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Speaking

Why Introverts Make Great Public Speakers

If you were to list out the characteristics that most of us believe that a really good speaker must have in order to communicate the importance of public speaking, what would be on your list? I can only speak for myself, but I believe that I would have on my list that they would need to be an extrovert – an outgoing person who is always giving off lots of energy. You need this in order to connect with your audience, right? I’d be wrong. It turns out that introverts, those people who are more inwardly focused and less outwardly focused, can make really great speakers. Let’s find out why…

Continue reading Why Introverts Make Great Public Speakers

Motivate Your Audience By Building Trust With Them

Often when we are giving a speech we are trying to convince our audience to take some action after they hear us speak. This is what the importance of public speaking is all about. We can do a great job of creating our speech, we can craft a powerful opening, and yet we may end up not achieving our goal. What went wrong? We’ll never get what we want if we don’t get our audience to trust us. The good news is that with a few simple changes to your next speech, you can make this happen. Continue reading Motivate Your Audience By Building Trust With Them

Why It Is Better To Simplify

Even in those times of frantic pacing and harried lifestyles, you know that you always have the choice to simplify and do less. It is the solution to almost every aspect of our lives.

To simplify is the answer to your financial difficulties: Shop less and spend less. Don’t try to spend more than what you actually earn. Cut back on your bills and decrease your debt. Rather than trying to handle all your bills and expenses, try to simplify. If necessary, have fewer credit cards, of get rid of your credit card if you have to. Eliminate your financial problems so that you Continue reading Why It Is Better To Simplify

Learn How To Be Funny By MandyLane

Now this may sound silly to some people, but you can actually learn how to be funny. Like any desirable trait, with a bit of practice you can achieve what you want. One thing you will notice is that people with a good sense of humour tend to be more social. It makes sense really, if somebody makes you laugh, your going to want to laugh more. If your at a party, their is always that person who is the life and sole of the night, most of the time it’s because their funny.
Like any desirable trait, you can’t just learn it overnight, it’s going to take practice. Even if your extremely boring, if you want it enough you can become that funny person everybody loves. The secret is really simple, practice makes perfect. When your out and about with your mates, say a funny joke, it doesn’t matter if it’s not funny. Your trying to build up a barrier, so that no matter what reaction you get, you wont be fazed by it. The truth is, everybody has that funny side to them, but most people are scared of the reaction.
If you hear or see something on the television that’s funny, express it in a way so you feel comfortable. The worst thing is telling a joke/story when you feel uncomfortable, people can see right through this. It may sound like a hard task at first, but you learn to relax over time. Anything can be achieved if you really put your mind to it.
As I said earlier, people love to hang out with a funny person. It literally changes your social life.. I know this might sound fake and ‘pretending to be sombody else’ but it’s about finding that natural funny side of you. The more you practice, the quicker it will come. Just keep making jokes everyday, say things which you find funny. You don’t have to be scared to say what’s on your mind, just say it. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like what you have to say, remember your building a wall.
I know that some people may think this is impossible, and that every funny person out there is ‘naturally funny’ but I promise you it’s not the case. Think about stand up comedians, they practice on their craft every day, it is possible. My personal reason for writing this article was because I used to suffer from social anxiety.
It’s a fairly common problem, especially in teenagers nowadays. It basically means feeling uncomfortable around other people, occasional panic attacks. I wanted to overcome it and I tried my hardest become better socially. Being funny is the key because it helps every single aspect. If you feel uncomfortable you can just crack up a joke which really helps with your confidence